The table below shows some of the most important abortion cases decided by the U.S. Supreme Court, along with their correlation to justices who were nominated by Republican presidents. I’ve listed the “GOP Justices” in each case whose votes resulted in decisions that upheld or refused to limit the constitutional right to abortion “found” by the court in Roe v. Wade. As you can see, Republican-nominated justices have essentially upheld the alleged constitutional right to abortion for the past 50 years.

Moreover, between the late ’90s and the first decade of this century, Republicans have controlled both houses of congress.

Yet, with all this Republican “control” of the federal judicial and legislative functions, the alleged constitutional right to abortion remains intact.

Bart Ehrman is distinguished professor of New Testament at UNC-Chapel Hill. He’s also an atheist. Ehrman’s admitted aim is to persuade his freshman students that the Gospel records can’t be trusted because of what he calls discrepancies. Presumably, he means contradictions: factual statements in several Gospels that can’t be reconciled

“There is no god!” — Dr. Robert Neville, I Am Legend

This is strange and awful time for everyone on the planet: the novel coronavirus has killed nearly 250,000 people (as of this May 4 edit) and is devastating the world’s economy and many people’s lives permanently. We can’t know…

Scott Behm

Christian writer, lawyer, consultant, dad, ethicist, outdoor lover, die-hard Nebraska Cornhusker fan.

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